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An injury caused by a defective product can have life-altering consequences for you and your family. Product liability laws protect consumers by ensuring they have access to safe and functional products. Unfortunately, defective and dangerous products with inadequate safety warnings still injure thousands of Americans every year. 

If you or a loved one suffered from a personal injury due to a defective consumer product, our legal team will work with you to file a product liability lawsuit. Our experienced team of product liability attorneys and legal professionals has the requisite knowledge to seek compensation on your behalf. 

We take pride in helping our community in Miami and South Florida navigate the legal process. Not only do we care about assisting you with your claim, but we also care about your safety and well-being. We will work closely with you to create a case that is specific to your needs.

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Our team has the experience required to handle a product liability lawsuit. We know how complex these cases can be and we have the knowledge required to find the evidence that can make or break your case. Our clients know that they can rely on us to resolve their case in a favorable manner. Our product liability attorneys have spent years litigating such cases, and we have the results to back it up with millions in compensation recovered for our clients.

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At Aigen Law Firm, we know that the period after an accident can be difficult to navigate. If you have questions about what steps you should take or if you are eligible for financial compensation, please reach out to our office. We are happy to provide a free consultation to evaluate your product liability claim and determine if you have a viable case.

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Frequently Asked Product Liability Questions

What Legally Makes a Product Defective?

Consumer products are defective if an issue in the designing or manufacturing stage makes the products unreasonably dangerous to consumers. A product is also considered defective if the proper labels, instructions, or safety warnings are not sold with it.

In Florida, it is the consumer’s responsibility to prove that a product is defective and dangerous to consumers. This can be accomplished by working closely with a product liability attorney in Miami.

Who Is Liable for a Defective Product?

When a product is defective and has caused harm, the manufacturer, designer, or supplier is liable. Once a plaintiff proves that a product is defective, the court does not take the manufacturer’s intent into account. 

All that matters is that the product is defective and that the risk of harm outweighs the product’s benefits. For South Florida residents, a knowledgeable product liability attorney in Miami can help you collect evidence for a strong case.

What Is the Difference Between a Design Defect and a Manufacturing Defect?

A design defect happens during the design process. That defect then exists in every product that is manufactured, meaning that any of these products could be dangerous to use. A manufacturing defect only occurs when the product is being made.

There are usually fewer defective products when the defect occurs during manufacturing. A product liability case can occur regardless of whether a product has a design or manufacturing defect.

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When you are injured as a result of a defective product, it can be difficult to prove that your injury is the fault of the product manufacturer and not just due to user error. Many defective products are operating outside of their design specifications due to a manufacturing error, and even an issue with the product design can often go unnoticed. In these cases, it is important to have an experienced product liability attorney ready to fight for you. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.