12 Story Residential Building Collapses North of Miami Beach

An immense rescue operation is underway in Surfside Florida, for survivors of a partial building collapse. In this article from Aigen Law Firm, we discuss the legal implications of this disaster and the potential liable parties.
12 Story Residential Building Collapses North of Miami Beach

An immense rescue operation is currently underway in Surfside Florida, for survivors of a partial building collapse. The 12-story residential building in question is located on 88th Street and Collins Avenue and is referred to as the ‘Champlain Towers’. According to city property records, it was constructed in 1981 and contains 136 units. Tragically, a portion of the building facing east collapsed with no warning around 2:00 a.m. on June 24, 2021. Surfside Mayor, Charles Burkett, expressed concern that the remaining part of the building may collapse as well. The exact number of casualties is currently unknown, however, there are numerous injured and at least one person killed as a result of the building collapse in the Miami Beach area.

The Mayor commented, “This is a catastrophic failure of that building.” While this incident is still under investigation and the potential causes are unknown, the Mayor also pointed out that the collapse is “less likely than a lightning strike” and that “there is no reason for this building to go down like this unless someone literally pulls out the supports from underneath, or they get washed out, or there is a sinkhole, or something like that because it just went down.” Some residents who were rescued from the building noted that the building had ongoing construction for more than a month now.

As pointed out by the Mayor, there are many potential causes of structural failure and weakened building integrity. Injuries from structural failures are oftentimes catastrophic and deadly. Those who suffered may have devastating medical bills and property damage. In order to recover compensation for their loss, the injured party must prove that the residential building, or a third-party, was negligent and that said negligence was the cause of the injury. Contributing causes are difficult to pinpoint without the help of a diligent legal team. In this case, an investigation will need to uncover whether the building contained a construction flaw, unsuitable foundation, inappropriate materials which failed to support the building, or a myriad of other potential contributing causes. Aigen Law Firm, P.A. carefully analyzes and discovers all the facts of every structural failure case.

In the event of a building collapse, such as the recent incident in Surfside, Aigen Law Firm would immediately begin a subsequent investigation of the facts and circumstances leading to the loss. Every culpable party from the building association to the construction crew would be scrutinized for negligence.

If you are interested in helping assist the victims of this horrific building collapse, please bring donations of food, clothing and blankets to Skylake Synagogue – 1850 NE 183rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33179.

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